Armenian Gampr

AGCA Registered Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Armenian Gampr is a very rare and ancient livestock guardian dog. Gamprs developed as a landrace breed and were consistently utilized by the Armenian people on historical Armenian lands. As a landrace breed, they are not similar in appearance but similar in function and ability. Historically, only dogs who were intelligent and hardy could survive to be reliable breeders. Therefore, natural selection has done a superb job in designing one of the most durable, healthful, and enduring dogs in the world. 

The Gampr has unique characteristics including gentleness and discerning caution, courage, and immense, often formidable power. The Gampr is known for its independent thinking and calm, keen intellect. Modern Gamprs are primarily used as livestock guarding dogs, as well they should be since today's Gampr benefits from the advantage of having thousands of years of hardwired instinct built right into them.

The Gampr is renowned for its natural love and connection to children. They intensely bond with their family and those they're charged with guarding. They will protect their family and livestock with their life, but only after assessing the situation and deciding on an appropriate, rational reaction. A well-bred Gampr is very athletic and powerful, yet graceful. A well-bred Gampr should exhibit self-control in stressful situations.


"Frosty-girl" is our first Livestock Guardian Dog.  One of the most ancient LDG breeds, she's got thousands of years of instincts behind her. Here's hoping she can deter the coyotes and keep the hawks off the chickens!

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