2:30 am Alarm 🤦‍♀️

2:30 am. 


That's when my alarm went off. 😑

To quote one of my boys when they were little, "it's before the crap of dawn".  No truer words, son.  2:30 am definitely qualifies as pre-crap-of-dawn.  (it always makes me giggle that he said "crap" of dawn instead of "crack" of dawn 🤣)

We were rolling by 3:30.  The bulk of my day was spent staring at the traffic ahead of us.  Why?

The husband and I hot-footed it down south of Atlanta today to pick up little Marvel...

He greeted us with a sweet little moo from the stable. 🥰  I took a quick tour of the farm to see his mama and the rest of the beautiful Dexter herd.  There were some super friendly girls with some of the most perfect Dexter udders I've seen to date!

It came time to load him up and the husband literally picked him up -- first his front end, and then his bum -- and sat him in the back of the truck 🤣 He guesses his weight at about 350 lbs. He's solid!

We gave him some hay and a tarp for some shade and headed back north to Tennessee. There was a brand new Buckee's a few miles north of Atlanta.  We stopped there to re-adjust the tarp because it got to flapping like crazy.  I took the opportunity to visit the ladies' room.  I think the husband was traumatized by the sheer volume of people crammed into that Buckee's 🤣🤣 

Other than the traffic, the ride was uneventful.  Marvel was a great little traveler.

When we got home, the husband and youngest son lifted him out of the back of the truck and sat him on the ground.  Docile little fella. He didn't give a single complaint.  I had a halter on him and even though he didn't think much of it, he walked to the paddock gate.  Once inside I slipped the halter off and his head immediately dropped to the grass.

He's hanging out in the chicken paddock for the next several days so we can get to know each other better.  He also got to meet Frost this afternoon.  She's nearly his size 🤣 They stood nose to nose long enough for me to take 7 iPhone pictures. That's a LONG time.  It was so sweet ❤️  

 He needs a few days to settle in but... I can tell, he and I are gonna be buddies 🥰

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