Actions have Consequences


Today was really, REALLY rotten weather day.  We've had one downpour after another all.day.long.

Imagine my surprise to look out the window and see Black Diamond headbutting the trough.  It was funny at first.  I even videoed it.  But then...

In the midst of the biggest downpour, I look out the window and see him walking around wearing the trough frame like a necklace 😳

Of course, I went dashing out into the rain and got it off of him.  I put the trough back together in its proper place and ran back inside.

About an hour later, he was wearing his "necklace" all over again.  Of course, it was POURING again.  As I ran toward the paddock, I snapped this picture, complete with a chicken photobomb.  I got soaked but I got it off before he hurt himself.

May be an image of animal and outdoors

After the second "necklace" incident, I chucked the trough frame over the fence.

Well, big boy -- choices have consequences! 

When feeding time came, I went around feeding all the animals just as I always do.  And pigs being... well... pigs, Lucky scarfed down his dinner and decided he'd have some of Black Diamond's dinner too.  Since the trough wasn't up on the frame anymore, it was child's play for Lucky to take over.  I snapped these two pictures as I was walking back from feeding the heifers 🤣

May be an image of animal and outdoors

Poor Black Diamond is looking at me like, "ummm... are you gonna do something about this?"

May be an image of animal and outdoors

This one's on you buddy!  You lost half your dinner tonight. 

It was funny to find out that Black Diamond's sire had the same habit!  They finally built him a custom trough that weighs upward of 400lbs so he couldn't flip it over anymore.  I guess I know what we'll be building asap!  Thankfully, Mr. and Mrs. Davis are going to share the measurements with us so we don't have to make it up as we go along.  It's so great to have friends that have been here before us!

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