Awwww shucks!

See this girl giving the "awwww, shucks!" look?
She alerted to a VERY close coyote right after I let her out this morning. It was just before 5am.
Her "mom I need help" is kind of annoying though. She jumps up full force on the glass storm door 🤦‍♀️ It's safety glass so I don't think there's a risk of injury but dang... can you just bark already?! I'm listening, I promise!
Thankfully, I learned quickly after an incident Christmas week that this is her signal that she needs me for a predator and quickly jerked on boots, headlamp, and coat and headed out.
Sure enough, a yip right at the back of the feeder pig paddock. Once I was outside she was pretty bold to go and investigate several yards out in front of me... but still no barks. She didn't get *too* far away. I'm still her security blanket I guess.
For 7 months, I'm ok with that. She's communicating when she needs me (although I wish we could find a method that doesn't involve attacking the storm door 😂)
Good girl, Frost!
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