Choosing a sire...

Since Diamond can't fulfill his duties as a herd sire, that leaves us in a pinch.  Leaving cows open too long can cause fertility issues and since I can't pull a new bull out of the air, it's time to get creative.

We've decided to artificially inseminate (also known as "AI") the girls which requires locating some bull semen.  I don't know what I expected to find when I googled "Dexter semen sales" but what I found was akin to a hilarious bovine E-Harmony.

All the bulls have a profile page so you can see their pedigrees and health testing.  There are pictures of the bulls, their sire and dam, any calves they've produced, and maybe even a few details about their line such as "super docile" (important to us!).

After I spent a couple of hours looking through all the possible options google presented, (incidentally, I kept saying out loud, "I can't believe I"m sitting here studying bull profiles trying to choose the perfect sperm" over and over) I chose FF FREEDOM'S ROY ROOIBOS as the AI bull for our girls. 

According to the website, "Roy is an exceptional bull with a fantastic calm temperament that he seems to pass on to his calves. Out of one of our milkiest, best-uddered lines!"  Good udders and great milk production are qualities that are important to us so Roy seems to be the perfect fit!


I just ordered bull semen online as easily as a new pair of shoes.  I don't know if I should die laughing or go take a shower 🤣🤣🤣


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