Current Situation

Y’all, this girl’s instincts have got to be kicking in (she’s at about the right age). It is dark, it is FREEZING and she wants to lay in the snow/ice and watch. I guess it’s the coyotes howling in the distance. 🤷‍♀️
I finally turned the light on and tried to coax her in. She couldn’t be bothered. Working dog instincts is the only thing I can figure.
I did go out and check her feet just to be sure she’s ok. There not really even cold and have zero signs of frostbite or anything else. Her tummy is warm as toast.
I had on 42 layers and I’m freezing!
I’ve never left a dog out in this kind of weather. Her desire to stay out blows my mind!
Don’t anybody panic. I’ll be insisting she come inside to sleep. An adult dog would be one thing but she’s just 7 months and I don’t want the bravado of youth to (frost)bite her in the butt 🤣
ETA: video and picture were done through the window glass. It’s too dadgum cold to stand outside 🥶
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