Fun Farm Fact...


Bulls don't eat when they're ::ahem:: lookin' for love 😂

Don't get me wrong, they'll pick a little grass here and there, but for the most part -- no feed.

When we unloaded Black Diamond on Monday evening, it was just after dark. I generally make fast friends with cows by offering them feed in a bucket. Not this time. One of the heifers just *had* to be in season the day he came home 🤦‍♀️

BD couldn't be bothered with any kind of feed.

He has literally worn a muddy path from his pacing along the fence line that separates him from the ladies in just 3 days 🤣

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I've been offering him the equivalent of buckets full of candy and ice cream only to have him sniff and walk away.

Today, things are different.

For the very first time, he took feed from my bucket 🙌 Once I had him doing that pretty well, I convinced him to follow me to the trough and he ate what I put in there too. 😁

You can see the remnants of several attempts at feeding him the trough. He just wouldn't touch it. The chickens enjoyed his leftovers. They'll be sad now that he's decided to eat HAHA!

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