Great Day!


Marvel and I have made *excellent* progress today. He timidly ate out of a feed scoop but after this (and I wish I had it on video) he ate out of a bucket and let me rub him all over including down his legs and under his brisket.

He's timid (completely understandable) but I can tell he's a calm, even-keeled kinda dude behind the uncertainty of his whole world turning upside down.

This right here?  This melts my heart.  Both of my boys grazing.  Diamond is one year old.  Marvel is 4 months.

I don't know how long this will last.  I'm told by some multiple bulls together is *very* bad, and by others that it will be just fine, but since Diamond won't be a bull much longer, I figured they could have supervised visits.

They were perfect gentlemen 🥰

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