If you know, you know 不

For the last week, four of my girls have had blue "antennas".  不

In reality, this is the device for removing the CIDR's which are stage one in the AI process. CIDR (pronounced see-der) actually stands for "controlled internal drug release". They're the "T" shaped things in the buckets above and are basically a cow-sized IUD that places hormones right where they're needed. These progesterone inserts are used in conjunction with hormone injections to synchronize estrus which should give us the best shot at conception via AI. 

Believe it or not, the vet's 16 year old daughter taught me to insert the CIDR's myself (it was pretty easy actually).  I did 3/4.  Yesterday, I pulled the CIDR's and I also gave them all 5cc of Lutalyse.  This is the second injection to prepare them for artificial insemination which will be happening on Tuesday morning.

Monday evening, they'll be having their final injection and the vet will be out Tuesday morning to do the actual insemination bit.  Here's hoping we can go 4/4

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