Stupid should be painful...

That moment when you realize the choices you made in boredom might not have been the best thing for your day...
Even on the tether, Frost managed to break into the feed room door and get a brand new piece of bird net that was bagged up. She shredded the bag and drug the net outside. Apparently, in all her fun, she managed to get herself all tangled up in it.
I check on her regularly so she couldn't have been trapped too terribly long. I did check to make sure she wasn't being cut into by the netting (I don't want permanent damage, after all) but I did NOT rescue her immediately.
This falls under "stupid should be painful" in our world 🤣 I made her wait while I tended to a few things in visual range.
After some futile minutes of trying to line her up with edge to get her out, I gave up and cut a hole in the net.
She was thrilled beyond words to be free of that mess. I'm still laughing at the "oh man, I am SO BUSTED!" look on her face 🤣
Puppies 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣
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