That's a strange place to sleep!

It was well after dark before I got home from church last night.  As I went to the hen house to close it up for the night, I noticed a curious drop in the population so I started looking around. 

Several chickens had escaped the new paddock (probably because it has yet to get the hotwire installed on the top).  They couldn't figure out how to get back in. 🤦‍♀️ 

I had chickens roosting in all kinds of places but THIS chicken?!

THIS chicken wins the prize!

That's Clyde, our boar.  He has somewhat of a nasty temperament with the chickens.  He grabs them with his mouth and slings them around until he's left with a mouthful of feathers.  😳

I was SO surprised to find him willingly allowing a chicken to roost on him! In fact, he seemed annoyed when I took his "chicken blanket" to the hen house!

Proof yet again, farm life is never boring 😂


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