"Why the dog?"

I've been asked in reference to Frost, "Why the dog?"
A breeding pair of Red-shouldered Hawks live on our farm. For them -- the poultry yard is a buffet. To be honest -- most farmers would just shoot them, but that's not my idea of a solution.
For one, that's probably not legal and can land you in hot water with the feds.
Secondly -- it's a very temporary solution because in all likelihood another raptor would move in.
Third -- their main prey is rodents. Why would I kill a bird whose main job is eating rodents?! You wanna raise baby birds that also eat rodents??? C'mon in!!
It's a much better solution to find a way to work with the raptors and deter them from the poultry yard.
Insert one very large, white dog who loves chickens.
Yes, she's a dog but she's not a pet -- she's a working dog. She "goes to work" every morning and stays with the chickens until they go to roost at night. Just her presence in the poultry-yard has kept the hawks away. She gets breaks and playtime away from her "workday". Her instincts tell her to protect the animals I care about.
It's a win/win!
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