Windshield or Bug?

Have you ever heard the phrase, "some days you're the windshield, other days you're the bug"?

Today was a bug kind of day.  ::sigh::

A literal TON of feed nearly tipped the tractor over sideways.  It toppled off the pallet thankfully and the tractor uprighted itself.  I wasn't driving -- one of the boys was.  I'm pretty sure seeing that tractor tilted at such a sickening angle with one of my babies in the driver's seat took about 10 years off my life!

We had to hand load the feed into a pickup, drive it to the barn, and unload it all by hand.  It took 4 trips 🤦‍♀️

May be an image of grass

It was dark by the time we got done dealing with the feed.  I had just sat down and the dogs kicked up a huge fuss. Time to go investigate.
May be an image of tree and outdoors
Stupid limb. We just built that fence.
Another major ruckus from the dogs. I decided I might need to check on the hen house. All was well but I cracked up when I saw Lucky.
May be an image of animal and food
He buried himself to sleep. His face is on the left. His bottom is on the camera right side. The only part of his head that is exposed are his ears 🤣
At least I got to end my day with a laugh!
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