Working Safely


Have you ever wondered how farmers work with animals weighing 1,000 pounds or more safely? 

We call it "the chute".

You may hear it called head catcher, squeeze, or head gate but it's all one and the same.  It's a specialized piece of equipment that keeps things safe for both the cows and the farmers.  There is a handle that closes the "doors" on their neck so they can't go forward or backward, and then a second handle makes the walls move in to keep them still.  The "squeeze" of the walls is actually very calming for cows.  You'll see that they don't struggle at all.

I thought a bird's eye view of the action from a go-pro might be kinda fun 🙂

In this video I'm giving the girls their last shot for the AI process.  Baby Hazel comes through first and I push her out the side.  One of the red girls decides she want's to stay in the chute forever and I have to put my foot in her behind to get her out 🤣

(Yes, I'm wearing tie-dye crocs. 🤣 It's my attempt to keep the menfolk from wearing my shoes.  It's not working in case you're wondering 🤦‍♀️)

All in all it went smooth as silk.

The vet comes in the morning for the insemination procedure. 🤞

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