$150.00 USD

Pre-Sale Veterinary Exam

We understand the importance of knowing that the animal you intend to purchase is healthy and free of disease and defects.  To that end, we are happy to schedule a pre-sale veterinary exam with our vet at your expense.

Once your payment is received, the animal in question will be placed on hold for you until the exam is complete.  You will have seven days to review the written report and make a deposit to secure the purchase of the animal in question.

Our herd is established with Valley View Veterinary Services in Woodbury, TN.


We maintain a closed herd that is free of BLV, BVD, Johnes, Neospora, and Anaplasmosis. Cattle in Tennessee are free of Tuberculosis and Brucellosis per the USDA.  If you would like us to re-test an animal for any of these diseases, you will be responsible for any fees beyond the standard charge of $150.

Our herd is also free of PHA and Chondrodysplasia. 

There are two bovine reproductive specialists on staff at Valley View which gives us the ability to provide reproductive assessments as well as general health.

However, we transport our BULLS to a different facility in Alabama that is accustomed to handling the small size of Dexter bulls for breeding soundness exams (BSEs).  Please do NOT use this payment form for a BSE.  Send us an email to request a quote.