Speckled Sussex Chickens

We raise exhibition quality as well as a hatchery line.

Originating in England possibly as early as the year 43, the Speckled Sussex is arguably one of the oldest known chicken breeds. The speckled Sussex was originally raised in the southeastern counties of Sussex and Kent for meat – supplying London with plump, juicy chickens that were said to be fine and delicate eating. 

Our Speckled Sussex are calm, friendly, and docile with sweet, even temperaments. They will follow you around, talking to you if they think you have some treats for them. They're also very aerial predator-aware. Even a low flying airplane will send them scurrying for cover. If a chicken could be considered "smart" these chickens are smart!

This breed is an excellent choice for free-ranging. They are excellent foragers when they're allowed to free-range which will reduce your feed bill substantially, and remove pests from the yard. 

Our hatchery line birds are excellent egg producers.  Our exhibition line birds are excellent table birds and moderate layers.  We have the best of both worlds!

Hatchery Line

Here's a video of our hatchery quality Speckled Sussex.  (We don't name them.)
They are better layers than the exhibition birds so they will remain a part of our farm and breeding program.