Meet Our Heritage Breed,
Farm Residents

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Our Dogs

They may not be "heritage breeds" but they're still
a big part of our farm life ❤️

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AKA, "Ginger-root" is our alpha.  She's a heeler mix and one of the smartest most intuitive dogs we've ever owned. She LOUDLY announces all visitors.


Full sister to Ginger (but 2 years younger), our "Patchy-poo" is also a heeler mix.  She's a great dog, although a bit more aloof than her sister.


AKA, "Frosty-dog" was our intended livestock guardian dog.  Unfortunately, it appears she was born without instincts so she's living her best porch dog life.


AKA, "Piggy" is my Boston Terrier.  She's not really a farm dog, but I adore her. In reality, she's a snooty girl who doesn't like to get her feet wet when it rains.


AKA, "Coco-loco" is our daughter's Boston Terrier and Prim's neice.  She is Prim's polar opposite and loves all things dirty and muddy.  She's also called "mudbug".