Dexter Cattle

Our herd has been tested free of BLV, BVD, Johnes, Neospora, and Anaplasmosis. 
Cattle in Tennessee are also free of Tuberculosis and Brucellosis per the USDA.
We are proud members of the American Dexter Cattle Association.

Standing at approximately 40 inches tall and weighing from 700 to 900 pounds, Dexter cattle are some of the smallest cattle in the world. Although size is the breed’s most distinguishing characteristic, Dexters are a useful and productive, multi‑purpose animal.

Originating in southern Ireland during the early 1800s, Dexters were developed from the Kerry, an Irish dairy breed. Because of their efficiency in producing both milk and beef on limited acreage, they became popular with smallholders in Ireland and England. Dexters were later imported to North America beginning in 1910.

Dexters are hardy, forage‑efficient cattle that perform well in less than ideal pasture conditions. They're excellent browsers and can rid pastures of pest plants. They are attentive mothers and generally calf without assistance. The milk produced is high in solids, making it ideal for butter and cheese production. Dexter beef is lean and high quality. The small size of the carcass makes the breed an excellent choice for on-farm butchering. Dexters can also be used as oxen.

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