MraldĀ Sapphire

DOB: 12/30/22
Milk Protein:Ā Obligate Homozygous A2/A2
Pc/Pc Homozygous polled

Sapphire'sĀ dam isĀ Mrald Top Jewel

Jewel is a polled, homozygous A2 cow.Ā  Although powerful, she was easy to train and show.Ā  SheĀ wasĀ undefeated fromĀ weanling through cow/calf.Ā  She is also a great milker and super producer.Ā Ā 

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Saphire'sĀ sire isĀ 
MraldĀ Absolutely Perfect

He was 36ā€³ tall at 18 months of age and has stayed on the shorter side. He hasĀ a gregarious personality and passes this trait to all his calves. He has high milk production on his damā€™s side and very high butterfat on his sireā€™s side.Ā  Absolute is undefeated in the show ring and it's easy to see why!

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