Farm Fresh Eggs

Our true, free-range hens were raised on Mountain Heritage Farm. We feed our hens a special order, organic, soy-free feed. They're also on open pasture and woods eating a real chicken diet daily. We give no hormones, and no antibiotics ever.  Eggs are gathered fresh daily. 

Available for pickup at Cannon County Chiropractic in Woodbury, TN

$5 a dozen or $4.50 with carton exchange

American Guinea Hog Gilt

From our October 12, 2022 farrowing, we are making one American Guinea Hog gilt available.  Her growth is excellent and her temperament is everything you'd want in a breeding sow.  She has been handled literally from birth and is 100% people-safe just like her mother.  From a long line of "floppers," you can expect her to roll over for a belly rub readily. As of 2/20/23, she's roughly 50 pounds and ready to find her new home. With her size, easy temperament, and independent foraging you'll find this girl will make the perfect homestead pig! 

This gilt will be registered with the American Guinea Hog Association and will be ready to breed this fall.

$400 FIRM
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