Belle Fourche Tilly

DOB: 5/14/2022
Milk Protein: Obligate Homozygous A2/A2
Heterozygous polled Pc/H, some offspring will be polled

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Tilly's dam is Belle Fourche Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is one of the most unique-looking cows I've ever seen!  She has a brindle coat and has passed her "wild-type red" coloring to Tilly in a different form. After many calves, she has a beautifully supported udder!

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Tilly's sire is Belle Fourche Guido

He is a small-statured bull, homozygous for both polled and A2 milk, with a great disposition. The udders on his sire’s side are especially suited for hand-milking with reasonable teat length without sacrificing teat structure. Guido was bred to provide additional capacity with higher and wider rear udder attachments and forward front udder attachments. The udders on both sides of his pedigree have held up extremely well.

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