Mrald Gypsy

DOB: 11/16/2022
Milk Protein: Obligate Homozygous A2/A2
Pc/H, heterozygous polled

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Gypsy's dam is Mrald Platinum Echo

Echo is a daughter of the infamous Saltaire Platinum.  This makes Gypsy a granddaughter of one of the most well-known bulls in the Dexter world.  Echo's breeder says, "she has incredible depth, a beautiful udder, great disposition, clean fronted, and massive capacity." She inherited her milking capacity from Hillview Darren Jane, who was from true dairy stock.

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Gypsy's sire is 
Mrald Absolutely Perfect

He was 36″ tall at 18 months of age and has stayed on the shorter side. He has a gregarious personality and passes this trait to all his calves. He has high milk production on his dam’s side and very high butterfat on his sire’s side.  Absolute is undefeated in the show ring and it's easy to see why!

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Gypsy through the years...