Belle FourcheĀ Eloise

DOB: 1/30/2009
ObligateĀ Homozygous Polled
ObligateĀ Milk Protein:Ā Homozygous A2/A2

Eloise came to our farm at 15 years old with her heifer calf, Matilda on her side.Ā  After many years of calving, she still has a perfectly level udder!Ā  She passes along excellent udder genetics to all of her calves. We hope to get another heifer or two from her by breeding her to our bull, Napoleon.

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Eloise'sĀ dam isĀ Belle Fourche Madeline

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Eloise'sĀ sire isĀ Belle FourcheĀ Mr. Right

Mr. RightĀ isĀ from of one of Belle Fourche Farm'sĀ best udder lines. He measured 43.5ā€³ at the shoulder at 3 years of age.Ā  HeĀ improved udders with the front udder extending further forward and the rear udder attachment being higher and wider, as well as additional width between the legs.Ā Mr. Right calves have incredible temperaments and are calm and easy to handle.

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