Mrald Sarah Sue

DOB: 6/20/2022
Milk Protein: A1/A2, heterozygous
Heterozygous polled Pc/H, some offspring will be polled

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Sarah Sue's dam is Mrald Sparklett

This is 8 year old Sparklett on 4/17/23

She has a beautifully supported udder with even, well-spaced teats.

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Sparklett had a sweet little bull calf on 4/26/23.  Just hours after calving, even fully engorged, look at how beautifully supported her udder is!  These genetics are exactly what one wants in a long-term milk cow!


Sarah Sue's sire is 
Belle Fourche Jake Colfax

Sired by Hiyu Saturn’s Warlord, one of two sons of Saturn of Knotting ever to have straws available in the U.S.

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Sarah Sue through the years...