"The Matriarch"
painted by Michelle Parsley

"The Matriarch"
painted by Michelle Parsley

Welcome to Mountain Heritage Farm...

We've called this little slice of heaven our home since 1995.

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In 2020, we made a conscious decision to shift our focus to preserving heritage livestock breeds.

Dexter Cattle

We searched the entire United States for the highest-quality foundation stock.  We eventually acquired animals from Belle Fourche Farm (GA) in 2022 and Emerald Park Farm (WA) in 2023.  These two farms have animals in the top 5% of the Dexter breed worldwide.  It is our intention to continue the legacy of excellence started by Belle Fourche and Emerald Park in our Tennessee Dexter herd.   

American Guinea Hogs

Finding quality, registered American Guinea Hog breeding stock proved to be more of a challenge.  We drove to Keen Acres west of Nashville, TN in 2021 for our sow, Bonnie.  She was perfect from day one. After a couple of duds, we finally located a quality breeding boar from Robert Hoover in Southeast Tennessee.  Otis and Bonnie are a small part of our operation, however, we enjoy the antics of the piglets!

Red Wattle Hogs

Finding quality, registered Red Wattle breeding stock was quite simple thanks to two wonderful breeders helping us coordinate pickup.  We drove to Wooly Willow Farm in Marion Kentucky which is where Poppy was born. There, we also met up with Harper Valley Acres who hails from Marshall, TX.  They bred our wonderful boar, Roux. We are excited about our future with these well-bred hogs.

Jersey Giants

Unearthing a breeder of heritage Jersey Giant stock proved to be the biggest challenge of all.  I had three separate boxes of chicks shipped in from Maria Hall (IN) in late 2022 as our foundation. Her flock originated with her grandmother and is over 100 years old.  We then added additional chicks from Kathy Rowe (KY) in 2023 to broaden our genetic base. 2024 will be our first on-the-farm breeding season for Jersey Giants.  We are excited to see our own chicks hatched!

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