Custom Name Tags

When we went down to Georgia to pick up Marvel, we discovered something that has made me absolutely giddy!  (It doesn't take much, y'all.  I'm farm girl simple 🤣)

Custom name tags 🙌

Marvel hadn't been tagged yet when we arrived to pick him up (it's easier with help). We put in his RFID tag that is required by the USDA, and then she gave us a unique little gem -- a tag with his name on it.

I was like... wait, what?!  WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!

There's nothing like having one of the kids come to the house and say, "Mom, one of your red cows was doing X."  

WHICH red cow?!

Even I have trouble telling them apart if I'm not right up on them so custom ear tags... This is brilliant!

It does require one to pick up the phone, but you can call Premier 1 Supplies and get one-off ear tags with the cow's name on it (and a phone number too, if you'd like).  As long as it can be typed in, the tags are $2.50 each plus shipping. They can even do a custom logo if that's on your wish list (I'm keeping it simple for now).

$2.50 is WELL worth having my cows easily identifiable!

As far as I'm concerned, every cow on this farm will always wear a custom name tag.

No more guessing about who is who!

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