Grass Fed Pork

Heritage breed pigs don’t actually need commercial pig feed to get to butchering size.  If you have enough pasture, they will absolutely thrive on grass!  While I say in the video that AGH don't root, the reality is, if you don't have enough space to give them fresh grass as a routine, they will root and make a mess.
When the grass is gone, you'll need to supplement with commercial feed.
How do we avoid this?
We graze Bonnie, our sow, in the pasture with our Dexter cattle at times.  We very often take her into the woods to eat acorns in the fall.  Her piglets feast on the underbrush in their wooded paddock and the grass on the fringes.  They live in harmony with what nature provides.
All this comes together to make large, healthy litters of piglets (NINE in Bonnie's last farrowing, and they all survived!) as well as healthy pork for our family.
The simplicity in care is one of the biggest reasons I love American Guinea Hogs.

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