Nest Boxes

If you raise chickens I'm sure you've had the joy of gathering from a traditional nest only to find that someone 💩 in the nest and you grabbed a handful of 💩 too.


When we started building our chicken barn, there was one thing I really, really, REALLY wanted.  You know, that one thing that is such a luxury you only dare to dream of it?  And yet, when the time came, all the pieces fell into place!

 We were able to install two, large roll-out chicken nest boxes by


After two years of using two of the large-size nests, I can unequivocally say - BUY THESE NESTS!!!  These nests keep our eggs so clean I rarely sell washed eggs these days!  Unwashed eggs keep so much longer than washed eggs because the bloom of the egg isn't disturbed.  This makes me very, very happy!

If you're thinking to yourself, "How do they work? Can't the chickens still 💩 on the eggs?"

In short - no. 

Fun fact:  chickens actually stand up when they're about to lay an egg.  Because of the design of the nest, the egg rolls away before they have a chance to sit back down.

The only thing required to keep eggs perfectly clean is to wipe off the wire inside the collection area about once a month with a damp rag.  At that time, I also remove the laying pad in the nest area and smack it against a tree a few times to knock the dirt out (if it's really dirty, I'll hose it off).  The maintenance is ridiculously easy!

Yeah, the nests are a little bit expensive -- especially when you compare them to some of the DIY nest boxes, but you know what? The clean eggs just make me happy. Sometimes a girl needs things just because they make her happy.


Gathering eggs is a joy when you can just flip open the lid and see all the freshly laid, perfectly clean eggs waiting for you behind the little egg door.

I highly recommend these nests!

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