American Guinea Hog

After the freak loss of our boar, Otis in the fall of 2023, we made the decision to send Bonnie to a farm in Alablama and shift our focus to the Red Wattle breed.  She is well loved and happy in her new home.

Bonnie joined our farm on August 11, 2021
DOB - June 23, 2021




Bonnie's first litter joined us on October 12, 2022.  The first picture is the day they were born.  The second picture is 8 weeks old 😱

When we say Bonnie's piglets have been handled from birth, we mean literally from birth.  She has never been defensive of her piglets with humans (coyotes are another matter entirely!) This speaks to the calm, trusting demeanor of this sow.  You can expect similar temperaments in her offspring.


Bonnie kept her second litter hidden for about a week.

We discovered them on July 18, 2023.  She had NINE!  7 gilts and 2 boars.  She raised them all!

She even taught them to stay cool in the summer heat 🤣