Weaver Breaking Halter

Finding a halter to fit a Dexter is nearly impossible!

When I say I have tried many halters with our cattle over the years, it's no exaggeration.  I have so many useless halters in the back room of the barn.  I hang on to them just hoping one day to find a cow they'll actually fit, but so far, no dice. 

 After ages of searching, I've finally found something that works every time! The Weaver Breaking Halter!

You can find this halter in lots of places but here's a direct link to Weaver Leather's website: 

Not only is this little gem inexpensive, it is simple to use and will fit any size and any age cow.  If you've ever tried to find a halter to fit a Dexter's head, you know how huge this is!  I've used it on everything from a month-old calf to our fully-grown bull and everything in between. It works perfectly every time!

The thing that really makes this halter work so well is the little metal ring:


When the cows pull, that ring allows the rope to really tighten under their chin.  However, it will also give an instant release the second they stop pulling.  It's like built-in positive reinforcement for the behavior we want to see!

I have some fancy leather halters around that I use for pictures and such, but for halter breaking and day-to-day operations, give me the Weaver Breaking Halter every time!  There's nothing easier to use or more convenient!

Want to see a video on how to properly fit this halter and "trick" your unsuspecting calf (or cow) into letting you put it on quickly and easily?  You might really enjoy this video: "First Time Haltered"


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