First Time Haltered


Some calves go into the halter easily.  I knew before we tried that Zara was going to be one that had to show out a little.  No matter.  I can still easily overpower her at this point and she will never be able to beat a post.

Things to remember when halter training a Dexter calf:

  • Spend several days earning the trust of the calf so that you can touch them.  Some great tips are in this video.  "Unhandled Dexter"
  • Start off close to the tie-off point -- I use a wood post.
  • Use a Weaver Breaking Halter.
  • Use a bucket of treats to "trick" the calf into the halter.
  • Use an emergency release knot to tie the calf off.
  • NEVER lose your cool no matter what.
  • Stay out of the way and let the fits happen.  Trying to pet or calm the calf will only get you hurt.
  • Only release the calf if they are injuring themselves.  Falling down is generally not going to cause injury.  It's a lot of huff and bother just to put on a good show most of the time.
  • End the lesson on a positive -- preferably with a slack rope.

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